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by companies in EU, US and Canada,
and assist them with relocation
We know how to help you find a job abroad and deal
with all the related challenges you might face

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Why IT professionals from abroad are willing to relocate in order to work in your company

* based on a survey of Ukrainian IT professionals conducted by Dou.ua web portal

New experience and opportunities, a professional boost and better standards of living
Often, an experience of working abroad becomes a powerful boost for an IT professional, as well as a new milestone in terms of personal and professional development.

By going beyond your usual routine, you can see your career path in an entirely different light and discover new opportunities lying ahead.
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of professionals are ready to relocate provided that their employment is completely secured before they initiate the relocation process

The 8Relocate team helps to deal with all these issues before you relocate:
  • finding an interesting and promising job;
  • passing all the interviews and getting an offer;
  • helping you move to a different country.

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How does it work?

Step 1.

Your CV is included in the 8Relocate database Our database is our primary source of candidates. Only after reviewing it,
we might move on to continue our search via the external sources.
2 ways to learn about current job openings

A regular newsletter with job listings Once every two weeks you will receive our newsletter with the current job listings.

You will be able to make your own choice, and apply to be a part of the competitive selection for the positions you are interested in.

A personal invitation Whenever a job opening is listed, we review all the available CVs ourselves.

If we find you to be a perfect candidate for a certain job, we will contact you and send you a personal invitation to take part in the competitive selection.

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Step 2.

You are involved in competitive selection
for the job openings with the companies abroad
After applying to take part in a competitive selection, you receive detailed
information about the company, the position and the stages of selection,
so that you can take your time to get fully prepared.
Competitive selection might involve...

Assignments testing your knowledge of technologies

Assignments testing your level of language mastery

Interviews with members of 8Relocate team

Interviews with representatives of a potential employer

Who conducts competitive selection

Initial and intermediate stages The initial stages of selection are handled by the members of 8Relocate Their goal is to select the candidates whose background and skills are in accordance with the company's requirements.

Final stages The final decision is made by the employer. Our team organizes the process and provides in-depth advice based on your motivation and your competitive advantages.

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We built our approach on
a firm belief that an employee should be a great match for a company,
just as a company should be a great match for an employee.
A final offer is a contract between these two parties.

That's exactly why we are just as much driven by your preferences and motivation, as we are by the company's requirements for the candidates.

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Step 3.

We help to organize your relocation Upon receiving an offer from the company, you will have a variety
of relocation-related issues to deal with. Our team at 8Relocate
will guide you through all of them smoothly.
What relocation issues we help to solve.

Getting a work permit /a relevant visa

Booking of tickets and transfer

Housing search

Relocation assistance for the whole family

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A job with a company
abroad can become...
...a new milestone in your career development...

...a refreshing experience, or...

...a handy opportunity to more abroad.
8Relocate opens this door for you.
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"IT market has gone global quite some time ago.

However, it is still true that strong IT schools with a great number of outstanding professionals are located in countries different from those where the largest IT companies work.

We help to bridge this geographic divide, connecting the best IT companies and the best IT professionals from across the world."

Vladimir Potapenko CEO of 8Relocate

8Relocate is...

Professional team, which knows all the details in IT sphere

Possibility to relocate in the lead companies in the world

Access to the vacancies in leading companies of the EU, USA and Canada

Help in the organizing of all issues related with moving abroad

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a unique selection of limited-access materials on the IT market development trends, employment tips etc.

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