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10 tools that simplify life of every IT Recruiter.

Prospectors and IT recruiters have much in common. Just like gold miners had to filter tons of sand to find golden nuggets, IT recruiters should process and structure gigabytes of information before they find a competent and talented developer. It’s quite a hard challenge, but thank God we’re living in the time when there are so many digital sieves and picks at our disposal.


Use this 10 tools to fill the required vacancy and succeed at Golden Rush of XXI century.


    To find a needed developer we should speak in his language (Java is not JavaScript, remember?). This site has comprehensive list of most tech definitions you should know. If you need more structured and consistent guide, we recommend you to take a look at Stackoverflow’s guide for tech recruiters:

    If you open some internships or really cool vacancy and expect dozens or hundreds of applications, tests will help you efficiently conduct early stage selection. has approximately over 9000 tests for developers, structured by skills. You can choose a test, send it to candidate and Receive results instantly including scores as well as industry benchmarks.

    One of the LinkedInMayBeKillers. Entelo helps you search and aggregate all of an engineer's online profiles together, so you can quickly understand their interest and evaluate experience. Companies like Tesla, Uber and Microsoft actively use Entelo, so it means something, yep?

    The best talents usually aren’t looking for a job — and that’s why it’s so hard to find them. Talentbin helps reach passive top candidates through aggregating information from social networks and all the web. Service has demo period and clear video description on the site — take a look.

    Great service that has its own scoring system which evaluates open-source active contributors. So, with Gild you can find talented, social-active and authoritative developers. Dig in that direction.

    The site is specialized in software engineers recruitment. Those guys gather public information about developers, run it through their algorithms — and that’s how you receive access to millions of structured and complete profiles of potential candidates.
    Small and useful feature. Allows you to find most of public information about any email you enter. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, blogs, etc.. Service has browser extension that shows this information every time you point an email on your screen.

    Earlier this service was named “Developer Auction”. Previous name gives the most comprehensive description of product. It has a lot of potential candidates and companies that compete for them. You can find a really good developer here, but prepare to take part in hard public competition with other companies.

    Techies, yeap. Analyzing CV we can approximately evaluate hard skills of the candidate. But what about soft? Will this person fit in your team? Is he a good communicator and team worker? Softfactors allows you to evaluate soft skills of a person and match it with others. Also, it has wide set of instruments to compare hard skills. Indispensable assistant in finding Product/Project manager. 

    This one we saved for last. Hackerrank allows you to do three beautiful things during recruiting process. You can organize an online hackathon and watch how the participants compete. You can assess candidate by sending a code challenge from library or customize your own, and then receive an auto-scored report. Finally, you have possibility to watch your candidate program in real-time, so you will get all the benefits of a standard face-to-face interview.

Use these tools properly — and Klondike will be yours.
If you use some tools that are not mentioned in the article — please share your knowledge in the comments. Crowdsourcing does make everybody better.


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