Cant find talents locally?
We help you find and hire best
IT professionals worldwide
We provide the initial screening of the candidates, organize competitive
selection and assist with relocation

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Why IT professionals from abroad are willing to relocate in order to work in your company

* based on a survey of Ukrainian IT professionals conducted by web portal

8Relocate is a new free source of candidates for IT positions
The companies often limit their search for the new employees to the city where their office is located.

By doing this, they artificially eliminate from the scope of their search hundreds of great professionals based in other cities and countries.

We provide an opportunity to go beyond the conventional framework, broadening the scope of your search to include the whole world..
3 key opportunities that 8Relocate provides.

We help to cut your expenses Salary expectations of candidates from abroad are often lower than those typical for your region. Meanwhile, you benefit from higher loyalty, motivation and skills of your new employee.

We make your search for candidates global For your job opening, we will review candidates from around the world, with particular emphasis on Eastern Europe and the former Soviet countries where the teaching of tech disciplines is traditionally strong.

We simplify the hiring process We cover all the issues related to recruitment and relocation. You decide whether you want to be involved in all the stages of the selection, or only take part in the final interviews.

Your perfect employee might be

living across the world from you

We exist in order to find the best IT professionals in the European Union and in

the former Soviet countries, as well as help them relocate.

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What kind of specialists we can find.



iOS/Android - mobile Web

Product/Project manager

QA (A/M)


as well as 20+ other IT profiles
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Hiring IT professionals from Eastern Europe
and the former Soviet countries is a great bargain.

Lower salary expectations Great professionals don't work for peanuts. However, the level of sufficient compensation they require is often lower than the demands of Western European and American candidates.

Higher loyalty and motivation A person who made a decision to move to a different country appreciates their job more and works harder to show great results.

Extra expertise in the required field In a local job market it is often difficult to find a professional possessing all the skills and specific knowledge your company requires. Meanwhile, you can find thousands of suitable candidates worldwide.

Great tech background IT professionals from Eastern Europe and the former Soviet countries are known for their flexible thinking and analytical mindset. This makes them a perfect choice as employees handling complex or unusual tasks.

Finding a perfect addition to your team
is now made much easier with 8Relocate
We will help you search the job markets
which remained out of your reach until now.
Discuss your job opening with
an international recruitment professional

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How does it work?
Step 1.
We analyze your job opening and your requirements for the candidates

You provide us with all the necessary information concerning positions open in your company and the requirements for the candidates. Our recruiters conduct an in-depth analysis of all the data and develop the search strategy.
Step 3.
We organize the first stages of selection and test the candidates' skills

We conduct online interviews, send out and collect test assignments approved by you, assess the technical skills of the candidates, their psychological profile and their level of language skills.
Step 5.
We help your new employees to relocate

Once the candidate we found receives a job offer from you, we help to organize the relocation process.

We assist with the visa issues, organize transfer, help to secure suitable housing and, if necessary, assist with relocating the family.
Step 2.
We conduct the initial screening of the candidates in the job markets of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet countries

We use our own database and have access to the closed communities comprised of highly qualified IT professionals. If necessary, in addition to this, we review other global candidates.

Ask our recruiters, how and where we find our candidates
Step 4.
We set up the best candidates for the interview with you

The final stages of selection are conducted jointly by your experts and ours.

We provide you with a detailed report and our recruiters' conclusions for each candidate. The final decision is for you to make.

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"IT market has gone global quite some time ago.

However, it is still true that strong IT schools with a great number of outstanding professionals are located in countries different from those where the largest IT companies work.

We help to bridge this geographic divide, connecting the best IT companies and the best IT professionals from across the world."

Vladimir Potapenko CEO of 8Relocate

8Relocate is...

Professional team, which knows all the details in IT sphere

Possibility to relocate in the lead companies in the world

Access to the vacancies in leading companies of the EU, USA and Canada

Help in the organizing of all issues related with moving abroad

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What we guarantee.
You pay only after the employee we found for you begins their work with your company. And even then, you only pay

the remaining 50% payment after the employee successfully passes their trial period.
What are the costs?
The exact cost of finding your perfect employee depends on the position.
Looking to find out the price?
We can calculate your exact expenses after discussing your job opening with you.

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